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Secret History and Historical Consciousness
A key topic is ‘secret history’, a phrase that came into use in the later 17th century to describe a new genre of historical writing. Includes an autobiographical essay placing his own career in its historical context.

Numunwari is a gigantic salt-water crocodile – sacred to the Aboriginal community, and the keeper of the secrets of their ancient customs. 
It lives in Arnhem Land in a remote part of northern Australia. But when it moves downstream terror breaks out.
It is an acclaimed fiction based on fact.

Who Were the Rich?
British Wealth Holders

Revised editions of the first two volumes of Professor William D. Rubinstein’s standard works of research and reference on Who Were the Rich?  
Several entirely new volumes will follow , EER envisages issuing a new volume every six months to cover: 1840-1914.

The Street-wise Guide to Getting the Best Mental Health Care

Never before has a guide on how to negotiate the increasingly stretched NHS, and obtain the care you need, been more essential. This offers crucial advice to families and to individuals. 

Scholarly and trade, landmark books - by leading international authors.


A Usable Past:

​Vol 1: Victorian Agitator

George Holyoake was a classic example of Gramsci’s working-class ‘organic intellectual’.  An Owenite ‘social missionary’, he became a Radical Liberal, Secularist and Co-operator, responsible for the legend of ‘the Rochdale Pioneers’. 

​NEW RELEASES ... & major new works by John Sutherland Gillian Beer Asa Briggs Karol Sikora

1917 – The Passchendaele Year

This unusual work offers a personal documentary and highly individual witness to the terrible events in Flanders in 1917.
This book tells the previously untold story of daily life immediately behind the frontline during the tragic year of 1917.

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