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​244 x 170mm.  772pp.  5 x B&W illustrations.

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244 x 170mm.   638pp. 5 x B&W illustrations.

About this book

This extensive new work joins the internationally acclaimed series of bibliographies of Charles Dickens's work edited by Professor Duane DeVries.

The detailed listings, full annotations, and evaluative notes will prove indispensable to scholars. The two volumes represent many years of work by the distinguished Dickens scholar Professor C. Hanna.

The cover background illustration shows a portion of page 38 of A Christmas Carol, a description of the Cratchits' Christmas dinner - from State III of the novel.

About the author

Professor Robert C. Hanna is a noted scholar of Charles Dickens's works. He is the chair of the Humanities division of Bethany Lutheran College, Mankato, Minnesota, and Professor of English and chair of that department. He has published many papers in The Dickensian, The Dickens Studies Annual, the English Journal, and elsewhere. He has been a Board Member of the Dickens Studies Annual since 2017. He is the author of Dickens's Uncollected Magazine and Newspaper Sketches as Originally Composed and Published, 1833-1836 (New York, AMS Press, 2012); Dickens's Non-Fictional, Theatrical and Poetic Writings, 1830-2000 . An Annotated Bibliography (New York, AMS Press, 2007), and The Dickens Family Gospel (San Francisco, Legacy Press, 1998).

Professor Duane DeVries, General Editor of the series, is the leading scholar and bibliographer of Dickens. He is a retired Associate Professor of English from the Polytechnic Institute of New York University where he served as Head of the Department of Humanities and Communications. He edited Bleak House for the Crowell Critical Library (1971) and served as editor of the Dickens Studies Newsletter; as associate general editor of the Gale Information Guide to American Literature, English Literature, and World Literature in English (a 42-volume bibliographical series), and as general editor of the Garland Dickens Bibliographies (11 volumes), and its replacement, The Dickens Bibliographies (AMS Press, 3 volumes). He is also the author of Dickens's Apprentice Years: The Making of a Novelist, the second edition of which was published by EER in September 2017. His final four acclaimed bibliographical volumes of Dickens were recently published by EER.

Charles Dickens's Nicholas Nickleby​

An Annotated Bibliography - 2 Volumes.

Robert C. Hanna

Available May 2024