Edward Everett Root Publishers Co. Ltd.


Professor Briggs delivering his typescript to his publisher, September 2015

​​​About the firm

EER (Edward Everett Root) is a Publisher committed to good books in which we believe, and to authors who focus on important topics.

We want to make a difference. In a world of anonymous conglomerates we will do this consistently. We are publishing a relatively small list of carefully selected titles. We focus all of our attention on these titles and on the interests of our authors.

We publish in literature, history, economics, and public policy  - including a series of popular paperback guides to such topics as surviving cancer.
The EER firm’s market is academics, graduate students, college and major public libraries, concerned individuals and their families, public policy specialists, and medical professionals.
We sell through leading booksellers, Amazon, our own website, and our network of appointed agencies throughout the world.
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We have recently published new books and new editions by major authors – including Asa Briggs, Peter Burke, Louis James, David Pierce, Duane DeVries, David Ellis, Karol Sikora, John Sutherland, Robert Lefever, Michael Slater, Wray Vamplew, Stephen Yeo, William Rubinstein, H. Gustav Klaus, Lady Teviot, F.M.L. Thompson, and others.
Some of our new initiatives

  • A feature of our list is new works on Irish literature: Ezra Pound and Modernism.The Irish FactorEzra Pound’s Green WorldJames Joyce’s Portrait of The Artist as A Young Man, and The Joyce Country. Literary Scholarship and Irish Culture. We welcome new proposals.
  • we have now published three of the four volumes by Professor Peter Burke, the fourth of which will be issued in January 2019.
  • we continue to issue expanded editions of established classics, including the study of the Brontës by Patsy Stoneman, and of Charlotte Brontë by Penny Boumelha.
  • the new expanded edition of The Birth of A Consumer Society. The Commercialization of Eighteenth-century England by Neil McKendrick, John Brewer, and J. H. Plumb is a feature of our summer 2018 list.

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About the publisher

The founder of our new firm, Professor John Spiers, was for 20 years the founder/owner of The Harvester Press of Brighton. He was the distinguished and prize-winning publisher of some 2,000 titles in history, economics, international affairs, politics, philosophy, psychology and literature. His associated academic microfilming firm also won The Queen’s Award for Export Achievement.

John has named the firm after his Grandfather, who was a volunteer in the Middlesex Regiment, killed at Ypres in July 1915.

John has an eye for talent, as this new list shows. He previously edited and published J.L. Carr’s Booker-prize runner-up, the now modern-classic novel A Month in The Country. This book also won The Guardian Fiction Prize. He published the international best-seller Godel, Escher, Bach. The Eternal Golden Braid by Douglas C. Hofstadter, and then his work The Mind’s Eye. Each was subsequently placed by Harvester with Penguin.

Harvester’s other successes included The Mathematical Experience by Philip J. Reuben and Hersh Davis, and the leading cognitive-science title Mindstorms by Seymour Papert.

John discovered, edited, and published for the first time the now leading, globally-known historians Roy Foster, John Guy, Patrick Joyce and C.J. Wrigley. He also first published the initial work of Penny Boumelha and Sue Roe. He discovered, edited and published the first novel by Maggie Gee, Dying, In Other Words.

In addition to his work as a professional publisher John is himself a scholar and a well published author. He still holds academic appointments at The School of Advanced Study in the University of London, in the Ruskin Programme at The University of Lancaster, and in the Global Policy Institute at London Metropolitan University.

John built The Harvester Press from scratch over 20 years. It then formed a group of companies sold to Simon & Schuster. John’s other imprint, Wheatsheaf Books, published successful text-books. As with his previous company, he again stresses academic distinction, quality in production, and effective sales.

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