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Death at a Festival

An Australian Hippie Murder Mystery

Jude and Alison Alexander

About this book

In brilliant and jeweled writing this revelatory new crime novel will become a modern Australian classic.

It has a very surprising location, and a devastating criminal outcome. Have you ever been to such an apparently safe ‘alternative’ music escape-away festival? Have you wondered what it would be like? Many have ventured. But for one wannabe-hippie it was 'THE END'.

HIP-HAVEN was meant to be a serenely wonderful, peaceful, harmonious, and entirely free festival. Through the bush landscape of red gum trees, red terracotta and under a million stars there was to be a shared scene of tranquility and harmony, music, and the possibility and promise of better times. With drug- available camping under beautifully oriental lights, middle-eastern drapes, red and gold cushions, throbbing music, and with the happy murmur of people – family, lovers, friends and festival buddies - in the warm evening. and every kind of relaxation.

With clothing optional, those taking part happily exchanging names including Shakra, Roxy Rocky-Rock, O-Shaan, Zeus, Onyx and Nimrod. Feeling trustingly special at an alluring event.  ‘This is real life’ one said.   BUT THEN…

Follow ‘the happenings’!

 About the authors

Alison and Jude Alexander are mother and daughter co-authors. Alison Alexander is a leading and prize-winning Australian historian whose distinguished works include Corruption and Skullduggery (2015; republished by EER, 2024) and Land of Rogues and Scoundrels (forthcoming from EER, April 2025). 

This new novel resulted when Alison nobly agreed to accompany Jude to one of the most hardcore alternative-lifestyle festivals in Australia - against her own better judgement and to the horror of friends and family. Jude Alexander works as a test developer with the Australian Council for Educational Research. Her passion is folk music. She is a member of two singing groups. Over  many years she has attended a diverse variety of festivals, including the one on which this book is based.


‘Murder Mystery at its best. An intriguing page turner.’" - Margaret Reynolds.

​Available May 2024

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216 x 140 mm.  144 pp.