Lloyd George and the Challenge of Labour:
The Post-War Coalition 1918-1922

Second edition with new introduction.

C.J. Wrigley

ISBN 9781912224289  Hardback   £45.00 
ISBN 9781912224296 Paperback  £29.99 

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“Wrigley’s study of the Lloyd George coalition… {presents} a wealth of new material and judicious interpretation of events which contribute significantly to our understanding of the reconstruction process in Britain.” - Jonathan Zeitlin, Social History

“Wrigley is at his best in seeing how the government’s response to events in Russia and Ireland -as well as the protracted problem of peace-making – impinged on Lloyd George’s industrial policy, just as continuing fissures within the coalition impeded his hopes for a program of social reconstruction and for a fusion of moderate Tories and Liberals in a new Center Party.” - John W. Brennan, History: Review of New Books.

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Available October 2018