The Street-wise Guide To Doing Your Family History

Lady Teviot

About this book

This unusual book stands out in a crowded field.

  • It provides practical, expert, insider-knowledge.
  • It includes a full guide to current websites.
  • It offers many tips, short-cuts and helps to access the evidence you need. And to understandings of what this means.
  • It is rooted in the many years of day-to-day enquiries in family history by the noted international expert Lady Teviot.
  • It will be invaluable to the beginner and of great value to the more knowledgeable.
  • It will help you rapidly to become ‘street-wise’ in what will be a complex but fascinating personal endeavour.

Contents: Preface. 1 Introduction. “One day I will”, or how I began as a family historian. 2 Establishing the General Register Office. 3 UK Census returns. 4.  From the parish registers. 5. The parish chest. 6.  Underused sources for genealogical research. 7.  Kill or cure: medicine and health in the 19th century. 8.  Baby farming. 9.  Lunatic asylums. 10. Workhouses. 11. Hospital records. 12. Wills and administration. 13. Genealogical geography. 14. Sight unseen. 15. Emigration and immigration. 16. Guide to Websites

About the author

Lady (Mary) Teviot is an internationally known expert on family history research. She was President of the Federation of Family History Societies from 2001 to 2011 and is now a lifetime Vice-President. She is also Chairman of the Friends of the Keep Archives in Brighton, and she is a member of the Council of the British Records Association.

Lady Teviot has featured in several of the very successful ‘Heir Hunters’ series on BBC1 television. Her company is Census Searches Ltd, a professional genealogical research firm which provides research into family history, probate and media research. Lady Teviot also undertakes lecture tours in Canada and Australia, and has also toured South Africa, USA and New Zealand. In 1965 Lady Teviot married the Honourable Charles John Kerr, who three years later succeeded his father as Baron Teviot in the House of Lords.


"Lady Teviot has distilled over half a century's experience of family history research into this detailed yet highly approachable guide. Her style engages the reader from the outset, and succeeds in conveying a wealth of information through combining clearly-presented fact with details of her own genealogical journey, which has taken her from a beginner to a researcher with an international reputation. Every aspect of family history is covered, with hints and short cuts which will smooth the beginner's path in what can be a treacherous field. And don't think this book is just for the inexperienced – I have been working with records for over 40 years and as well as enjoying some new family history anecdotes, learnt much about the record sources which some of us take for granted. You may not be a Street-wise genealogist when you embark on this book, but you certainly will be when you finish it."

Christopher Whittick, East Sussex County Archivist.

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