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About this book

​How to survive, and live with, cancer.

  • Short, sharp practical guide.
  • Shows patients how to take control of their care.
  • How to get the system to work for you.
  • Gives 100 advisory websites, with expert notes.
  • Absolutely up-to-date.

About the author

Professor Karol Sikora, MA PhD FRCR FRCP FFPM is an internationally-famous cancer doctor. Former Chief, World Health Organisation Cancer Programme. 


“This book is about what the NHS doesn't tell you but what as a cancer patient you need to know. It is also a fascinating autobiography and medical history by one of the most famous cancer specialists in the country.” - Professor Angus Dalgleish, St. George’s Hospital, London.

 “At last a reliable source of impartial advice which will empower patients to take control of their cancer treatment. The more patients understand the more they can take back control, get the best treatment for their cancer and move positively on. This book is just what we need. All patients should read it, understand their cancer and what they can do to help themselves.” - Professor Pat Price, Christie Hospital, Manchester.

“It perfectly fulfils its purpose. And what a mind, what a man, what an authority Sikora is!” – Professor John Vincent.

The cover illustration is by the artist Brian Sweet, reproduced courtesy of Yellow House Art Licensing,


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The Street-wise Patient’s Guide To Surviving Cancer
How to be an active, organised, informed, and welcomed patient.

Karol Sikora