Cancer: The key to getting the best care

Making the system work for you

Karol Sikora

Edward Everett Root Publishers Co. Ltd.

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216 x 140mm.  184pp.

About this book

This bang up-to-date new book is the absolutely key guide to how to get the best possible cancer care. What you do can make an enormous difference to your care.

This can quite literally be a matter of life or death. With this book You can navigate the medical maze.

The book tells you what the NHS doesn't tell you, but which you need to know It puts key expertise into your own hands - to make the system work for you.

Getting the best care means asking the right questions. It means knowing when you are being fobbed off with second best. It tells you how to understand what's happening, and how to act.

This book:

  • offers practical guidance in clear, jargon-free language
  • shows you how to take control of your care
  • lists essential reading for family members to understand what you are going through
  • provides over 100 websites with expert notes
  • shows you how to work the system for your benefit

 About the author

Professor Sikora is one of the most renowned cancer specialists. The reader can promptly benefit from his well-placed understanding and massive practical experience of the quandaries faced by cancer patients in the medical maze.


Acclaim by senior doctors:

"A reliable source of impartial advice from a committed crusader for better cancer care. To be an empowered patient you need to have information. The more you understand the more you can take back control. By doing so you can make sure you get the best treatment for your cancer and move positively on. This book should be read by all cancer patients and those that care for them." - 
Professor Angus Dalgleish, London

"Clearly written and easy to understand, it puts you the patient in the driving seat. You need to become an informed and empowered patient find your best way out of the maze of cancer care." - 
Professor Jonathan Waxman, London

"An excellent primer on cancer treatment. It has a great exposure of the rationing that bedevils all health systems. It shows you how to get the best care possible by being informed and persuasive"- 
Professor Justin Stebbing, Cambridge