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Unsolved Historical Mysteries

Answers to Outstanding Historical Puzzles. 

Second edition, with a new Introduction. 

W. D. Rubinstein

About this book

We still do not know for certain:

  • Who shot JFK? Was there a conspiracy, and no lone gunman?
  • Who did the ‘Jack the Ripper’ murders?
  • Who wrote the ‘Shake-speare’ plays?
  • Did Richard III murder the Princes in the Tower?
  • Did Jesus marry and survive the Crucifixion?
  • What are the ancient mysteries of the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx?
  • Was the man calling himself Rudolf Hess and who landed in Scotland in the Second World War really Hitler’s Deputy, or a deceptive double?

 Here, a leading historian asks questions, explores possible answers, and presents a fresh view of these great and unresolved mysteries.

This is a fascinating and objective series of enquiries. The distinguished author evaluates what evidence exists, and the many and varied theories offered on each unsolved but nagging mystery.

The book goes behind the scenes to examine much that remains in the shadows. He enquires about clandestine intrigues, whitewashed evidence, fraudulent claims, and much that many academic historians have previously ignored.

Professor Rubinstein reaches some quite unexpected conclusions.

About the author

Professor W.D. Rubinstein is a leading historian who has held chairs at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, at Deakin University, Melbourne, and is now Adjunct Professor of History at Monash University, Melbourne. His works include Men of Property. The Very Wealthy in Britain since the Industrial Revolution, and his series of key reference works on Who Were the Rich? – both published by EER.


​“A thorough and absorbing review of the evidence surrounding various unsolved popular mysteries. For me, the merchant seaman was Jack the Ripper, Oswald acted alone in the JFK hit, and the Shakespeare work was supplied by several people. But what do you think? Professor Rubinstein’s cogent delivery and copious footnotes almost implore the reader to reach his own conclusions." - Dr Barry R.Clarke, Daily Telegraph enigmatologist."

“a gem of a book…readable and clear.” – Beechcombing, online blog.

 “eminently sceptical…disposes of all manner of legends and myths.” – John Stroup, Histories of the Hidden God.