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In peril in the sea

David Owen

2nd Revised Edition

About this book

​A superlative study of our planet's dominant predator for millions of years.

 A major and fully indexed contribution to the preservation of this amazing creature, now much threatened by human activity - with losses from overfishing, pollution, and the destruction of their habitat.

Although scientific knowledge of sharks is increasing rapidly, the author shows that there is still much to learn about these complex and elusive animals. For many species it may already be too late.

The book overturns negative and damaging perceptions of sharks. Thoroughly researched, it is written in clear jargon-free language and informs the reader of everything necessary to know about these sophisticated guardians of our oceans.

1. Shark Attack: Controversy, Reality, Response.
2. The Way of the Shark Roads: Sharks and Indigenous Societies.
3. 'This Strange & Merueylous Fyshe': Sharks and Europeans.
4. Fathoming the Shark: Evolution, Classification.
5. Shark Biology: Form and Function.
6. 'Creatures of Extremes': Description of Sharks, Rays, Skates and Chimaeras.
7. 'An Incredibly Beautiful Crop': Shark Exploitation.
8. Shark Conservation: Problems, Solutions.
9. Sharks and Creativity: Visions of Hunter and Hunted.
Glossary. Notes. Index.

About the author

David Owen is a Hobart-based writer of non-fiction and of literary novels featuring the acclaimed 'Pufferfish' detective series set in Tasmania.

He was director of Quintus Publishers at the University of Tasmania and is now the Official Secretary in the Office of the Governor of Tasmania.


"Owen, a Tasmanian author who has also demystified that island’s famous devil, takes a fascinating look at the biology of sharks, from the smallest (the 19-centimeter-long dwarf lanternshark) to the whale shark, the world’s largest fish. He also explores the complex relationship between man and shark. Sure, we eat each other, but the body count is horribly lopsided. While sharks attack only a few dozen people each year, the annual shark catch routinely tips the scale in the hundreds of thousands of tons.

"In large part due to the violent nature of their attacks — which often come literally out of the blue — sharks have long inspired fear and fascination. The 1975 blockbuster Jaws tapped into that primal fear but also demonized great white sharks and, via guilt by association, many other species. Yet, Owen notes, much good came from the film. It inspired scientific interest in sharks and their relatives and spawned shark conservation efforts worldwide. Shark is a captivating portrait of creatures that have too long been unfairly maligned as malevolent, mindless eating machines. - Science News.

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63 illustrations:  20 colour / 43 b&w