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Available  2022

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  1.   The historical setting – advertising in the 19th century
  2.   Early 19th Century book marketing  
  3.   Bentley’s Advertising Manual 
  4.   Marketing to and through the book trade
  5.  Exploiting new markets: the Railway Reader and the Working Class: a price for every pocket
  6. Niche marketing
  7. Bookshop windows – how shops were organised, and retail marketing was done before 1900.
  8. The 1880s and the development of modern book marketing
  9.  Conclusion

About the author

Dr Frederick Nesta is Associate Professor in UCL Qatar’s MA in Library and Information Studies. His career before joining UCL included supervisory positions at major research libraries, including New York Public Library and Columbia University, experience in corporate and special libraries, and directorships at academic libraries in New York, London, and Hong Kong. From 2004 to 2011 he was University Librarian at Lingnan University in Hong Kong. His research interests include the history, economics and marketing of late Victorian books; the history and culture of the book in China; and the interactions between people and digital and printed texts. His earlier book in this series George Gissing, Grub Street, ​and The Transformation of British Publishing was published in 2020.

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Writers and Their Contexts series no. 

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Marketing Books in Victorian England

Fred Nesta