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The shocks to British society from the Boer War – and the discovery of the unfitness of soldiers was a seminal moment It was seen to represent all that was wrong, and corrupt, in British society. War abroad and poverty at home was a dangerous equation. Power at the perimeter of the Empire meant decay at its centre. It was these key problems which the expert contemporary contributors assessed.



C.F.G.Masterman, Realities at Home;

F.W.Lawrence, The Housing ~Problem;

Reginald A. Bray, The Children of the Town;

Noel Buxton and Walter Hoare, Temperance Reform;

P.W. Wilson, The Distribution of Industry;

A.C.Pigou, Some Aspects of the Problem of Charity;

F.W.Head, The Church and The People;

G.P.Gooch, Imperialism;

G.M.Trevelyan, The Past and The Future.

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The Heart of The Empire.
Discussions of problems of modern city life in England.

C.F.G. Masterman (Ed.)

Edited by Bentley B. Gilbert, with an Introduction, and a new Preface by Stephen Yeo.

Edward Everett Root Publishers Co. Ltd.

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Available November 2018