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Hannah Lynch’s Irish Girl Rebels:

​ ‘A Girl Revolutionist’ and ‘Marjory Maurice’

Kathryn Laing

About this book

Hannah Lynch (Dublin 1859 – Paris 1904), restless wanderer, cosmopolitan, cultural observer and commentator, was the author of feminist fiction, travel writing and journalism. Her  short story for girls, ‘A Girl Revolutionist’ (1899) and serialised novella, ‘Marjory Maurice’ (1884-85), were based on her own experiences as an active member of the Ladies’ Land League (1881-1882).  ‘A Girl Revolutionist’ (1899), published in Alice Corkran’s nineteenth-century girls’ magazine, Girl’s Realm, traces the ideals of young Moya O’Connell who ‘dreamed of freeing Ireland’ that end in disillusionment. 'Marjory Maurice' was serialised between 1884 and1885 in the nationalist ‘story paper’, the Shamrock. The Ladies’ Land League activists portrayed in this narrative are not only New Women avant la lettre, but also canny and knowledgeable readers of the periodical and newspaper press in ways that anticipate the suffragette movement and their savvy manipulation of the press to further their own ends.

The stories in this volume will be a vital resource for readers and scholars interested in Hannah Lynch, (Irish) New Girl and New Woman fiction, the Ladies’ Land League, literary representations of the land wars, nineteenth century periodical and newspaper culture and history. Reprinted here for the first time and fully annotated, the edition also includes a comprehensive introduction, bibliography and appendices of material relevant to the works’ social, political and publishing contexts.  Together these short fictions offer vivid insights into the shaping of rebel feminist and nationalist identities in the closing decades of the nineteenth century. 

About the author

Dr. Kathryn Laing lectures in the Department of English Language and Literature, Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick. Her teaching and research interests are principally in late nineteenth-century Irish women’s writing, New Woman fiction, modernist women writers, periodical and print culture. Her co-written literary biography, Hannah Lynch: Irish Writer, Cosmopolitan, New Woman, is forthcoming from Cork University Press. She is the co-organizer and administrator of the Irish Women’s Writing Network. The network features in a recent essay: ‘“Only Connect”: Irish Women’s Voices, Latin America and the Irish Women’s Writing Network’ in a special issue of Irish Migration Studies in Latin America (2018).


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Irish Women Writers: Texts and Contexts series no. 1

Available October 2022