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A Marble Column
Jane Eyre in India

Cicely Havely

ISBN 9781913087845  Hardback £19.99  ​Order
ISBN 9781913087852  eBook       £ 9.99   ​Order
216 x 140mm. c.220pp

Available February 2022

About this book

A Marble Column is a sequel to one of the most famous novels in literature.

Charlotte Brontë gives the last words of Jane Eyre to the uncertain destiny of St. John Rivers, the ardent missionary Jane rejected for Mr. Rochester. So what happened to St. John in India? A Marble Column develops the characters and themes of Brontë’s original novel in language which echoes her style but pares down its Victorian elaborations. Set against a rich background in which the patterns of imperial rule in India are not yet fully hardened, this lively and far-reaching sequel is a voyage of inner discovery which puts great loves to the test.

Advance acclaim: "One of the great rewards of reading this novel is the complexity of the characters’ psychological responses. This is not only a literate, intelligent, well-informed novel – it is also a ‘good read’, full of lively detail, a vibrant atmosphere and surprising twists to its story. I read it with great pleasure." - Patsy Stoneman, author of Brontë Transformations, &c.

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