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This revised edition includes an introduction and bibliographical guide to electoral sources for the important period of reforms, 1832-1885, by Professor H. J. Hanham. It remains an essential work of reference for any serious study of the electoral system of the UK. It is an indispensable work by the noted Parliamentary insider who devoted his life to his compendiums.

About the author

Professsor Hanham was for many years the leading figure in his field, holding posts in politics and in history at the University of Edinburgh, at Harvard University, at the University of Lancaster (as Vice-Chancellor) and then at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (as Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Science).


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Classics in Social and Economic History series, no. 13

Charles R. Dod’s Electoral Facts

From 1832 to 1853 Impartially Stated.

Constituting A Complete Political Gazetteer.

H. J. Hanham [editor]

Available January 2019