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Paperback edition available April 2020

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44 colour illustrations.
Writers and Their Contexts series, No. 2

Lewis Carroll: The Worlds of his Alices

Edward Guiliano

About this book

This fresh and comprehensive analysis of the creative works of Lewis Carroll addresses with authority the dominant issues and events in the life and works of the Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson - the puzzling, eccentric, whimsical and brilliant Oxford mathematics don who changed literature and infused world culture with the publication of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.
Conceived in 1862 and inspired by Carroll’s real-life dream-child Alice Liddell, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and its indelible character Alice is now accepted as a masterpiece. The book became a global phenomenon in Carroll’s life and has remained a bestseller and a rich source of inspiration for various art forms in the more than 150 years since its publication. Today, it is a global resource beyond Lewis Carroll or the property of editorial writers, advertising copywriters, literary critics, children of all ages, film makers and others. Lewis Carroll and his Alices are part of our cultural heritage.  Alice’s story lives in countless editions, illustrations, stage and screen adoptions and adaptations, and has been translated into no fewer than 174 languages. 
Writing with broad access to updated or previously unavailable primary materials and the vast arena of contemporary scholarship on Carroll and his works, Professor Guiliano offers an authoritative account of Carroll’s identities, behaviors and works. He connects the diverse elements in his art—from photography to poetry—to the great Alice books and more.
Through a focus on the primary works, the question “Why Alice?”—the original text and its cipher-like afterlives—is placed in numerous contexts, including the era in which the Alices were created, and their many layers of complexity pealed back.  In the end, the plurality of Carroll’s art is revealed, including through selected reproductions of his photographs and drawings.
CONTENTS  include: 

Quite the Golden Afternoon; Before Alice—Photography and More; Mysteries & Identity; Speculations & Answers; Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland; Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There; The Hunting of the Snark; Publications Beyond; Why Alice? Posthumous Productivity & Popularity; A Biographical Chronology; and Selected Bibliography.

About the author

Edward Guiliano is Professor and President Emeritus of New York Institute of Technology and a writer and thought leader on several topics of global importance.  As a literary scholar, he specializes in the works of Lewis Carroll and Charles Dickens. His books include: Lewis Carroll Observed, ed., Lewis Carroll: A Celebration, ed., Lewis Carroll: An Annotated International BibliographySoaring with the Dodo, ed., and The Annotated Dickens.  He is a long-time editor of the Dickens Studies Annual: Essays on Victorian Fiction and is a founding member of the Lewis Carroll Society of North America, as well as a past president.

“Heavily researched, gracefully written, and thoroughly enjoyable…with its excellent documentation (the index and references are superb) and a style that is refreshingly free from academic jargon…this is a book for the serious scholar as well as the general reader.” – Cindy Watter, Lewis Carroll Society of North America