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Workers in The Dawn​

 A Novel.

George Gissing

Two volumes in one. Edited & introduced by Pierre Coustillas.

About this book

This is George Gissing’s best known and his first novel, standing alongside his classic New Grub Street.

It is a distinctive, polemical, dramatic work focused on urban social problems. Gissing deals - with his typical passion, literary skill, and personal knowledge - with the ineluctable evils of poverty, cultural deprivation, ‘class’, the ‘tyranny of money‘, and the place of women in society.

First published in 3-volumes in 1880 this is the best modern edition, with an extensive critical introduction and detailed scholarly notes. Edited and introduced by Pierre Coustillas, formerly Professor of English, University of Lille; the doyen of Gissing studies.

About the author

George [Robert] Gissing (1857-1903) was an important and idiosyncratic naturalistic 19th century novelist, often compared with great European writers. He remains read when many contemporaries are forgotten. The recent – and international - revival in his works remains strong.

He was born at Wakefield. In 1880 he published at his own expense Workers in the Dawn. This was followed by major British and American houses issuing a series of vivid fictions, including The Unclassed (1884); Isabel Clarendon (1886): Demos (1886); Thyrza (1887); A Life’s Morning (1888); The Nether World (1889); The Emancipated (1890); New Grub Street (1891); Born in Exile (1892); The Odd Women (1893); In the Year of Jubilee (1894); The Whirlpool (1897), and The Private Papers of Henry Ryecroft (1903).


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