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About this book

This unusual, witty, satirical, pseudonymous, controversial and very pointed work gathers together the 50 episodes which were originally published on the famous and widely-read nhsManagers.net eletter by Roy Lilley, which has some 100,000 subscribers here and abroad.

This edition has 20 new, previously unpublished pieces.

Mr. Romford dramatizes the current issues and problems of British healthcare – and points out some radical and innovative solutions.

With a Preface by Roy Lilley, leading NHS commentator.

About the author

The secret, pseudonymous author is an experienced NHS non-executive director, a Whitehall insider, and a former adviser to governments.


“My book of the year. Extraordinary; revealing; political; satirical; and worryingly funny!” – The Lord of Quorn.

“The author of this book’s ingenuity, creativity and power to entertain knows no bounds! His unique approach to writing and grasp of character and narrative make him a joy to read.

The author holds up a mirror to the NHS and public service, its foibles and peculiarities. He shines a light into the dark recesses and makes us think, entertains us, pokes fun and encourages us to do better. His characters are a delight and his stories grasp the issues of the day and sets them out in a new light.

It is a work of genius. Enjoy it, rip through it. It is a breathless read but you will never think of the NHS in the same way again! “    -  Roy Lilley’s Preface

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234 x 156mm.   352pp.

The Facey Romford Papers.

Days in The Life of the NHS. An Everyday Story of N£sd Folk.

Facey Romford Jr.

"You will never think of the NHS in the same way again! “ - Roy Lilley