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Available  April 2022

Beyond the Dreams of Avarice 

The Very Wealthy in Modern Britain

William D. Rubinstein

About this book

Beyond the Dreams of Avarice offers analysis of who were the very rich, and how did this change over the past 250 years? How did the rich respond to the poor during the nineteenth century? How did the rich class contract, due to high taxation, between about 1920 and 1965? Why are levels of wealth reaching unprecedented figures today? Why was London more important in wealth generation than the north of England? Who was a “self-made man” (or woman), and what was the role of inherited wealth? Were Britain’s elite groups based largely on money, as in the United States? How do the rich in Britain compare with the rich in America and Europe?

About the author

Professor W.D. Rubinstein is a leading historian who has held chairs at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, at Deakin University, Melbourne, and is now Adjunct Professor of History at Monash University, Melbourne. His works include Men of Property. The Very Wealthy in Britain since the Industrial Revolution, and his series of key reference works on Who Were the Rich? – both published by EER.



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