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Available November 2023

The East Coasters

The early pioneering history of the east coast of Tasmania

Lois Nyman

​New introduction by Maureen Martin Ferris

​ISBN 9781915115263 Hardback    £45.00   Order
​ISBN 9781915115270 Paperback  £24.99    Order

​210 x 148mm  248 pp.

74 b&w illustrations.

About this book

The major standard history of the first wave of settlers who arrived in Tasmania’s East Coast between 1821 and 1831 and who developed the wide area.

First published in 1990 but long unavailable, it follows with humour and historical authenticity the pioneering struggles of the first settlers, their interaction with each other, their encounters with Aborigines and bushrangers, and the family histories of the leading settlers.

About the authors

Lois Nyman was an experienced historian and teacher whose poems, articles and short stories were widely published. She also wrote The Lyne Family History (1976), an east coast study.

Maureen Martin Ferris was Curator of the East Coast Heritage Museum, Swansea, Tasmania until she rtired in 2023, and is a leading historian and genealogist. She is also Senior Vice-President of the Glamorgan Spring Bay Historical Society in Swansea.