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The Wanderer’s Guide To Lucca

 Brian R. Lindquist

​​​​​ISBN 9781913087234  PB   £24.99

210 x 140mm. 376pp. 

About this book

Including more than 100 illustrations and detailed coloured map.

This acclaimed book opens the hidden worlds of Lucca to you by placing everything you can see in its cultural and historical context.

 It guides you to all places of interest. It is full of accurate and detailed information - revealing the history and riches of this remarkable city.

  It provides:

 ·         The History. A summary of 2,000 years of what made Lucca what it is today.

·         The Churches. A comprehensive guide to the history, art and architecture of 78 churches, past and present.

·         Walking Tours. 16 numbered, linked to the map.

·         The Palazzi. An introduction to 85 Medieval and Renaissance mansions and palaces.

·         The Families. The stories of 40 of Lucca’s greatest families.

·         The Streets. Their origins and curiosities.

·         The Walls. The Roman, Medieval, and Renaissance fortifications.

​About the author

Brian Lindquist is a cartographer and writer. After a decade of research he created The Wanderer's Map of Lucca in 2006. The Wanderer's Guide to Lucca followed six years later. When not in Italy he lives in Connecticut.


Three Readers’ comments:

1.     “Not only does this book give you a very readable summary of Lucca's complex history, it gives you the history of each existing church (as well as each former one) and each palazzo. You will also get a description of the exterior architecture and then a description of the interior art, sculpture and architecture. This book comes with a map that I found invaluable. This is a must have for Lucca.”

 2.       “This is undoubtedly a book about Lucca for the connoisseur, which is only right as Lucca is truly a city for the discerning visitor. Its history and architecture are magnificent and this is the very book to tell you all about them. For my third visit, I felt I needed something much more searching than the standard but initially adequate guide books which only take you so far. This magnum opus was the book for me. In incredible, almost brick by brick, detail, the many ecclesiastical and secular buildings are explained against an excellent backdrop of the history of the city itself. As is to be expected, this level of detail is replicated by the accompanying map. I particularly appreciated the complete explanations of the interiors of the various churches as other guides are often selective in this regard. Indeed, such was the extent and quality of all this information, we left Lucca after ten days feeling we had only scratched its surface. But, nonetheless, delighted by the insights into those many aspects we had carefully extracted from this book. Lucca is a city to return to and we shall do so again. This book and its accompanying map will be with us. For any discerning visitor, I cannot recommend it enough.”

 3.     “There is so much interesting information, in this book I can't imagine anyone spending any serious amount of time in Lucca without it. This is a both a guide book and a history book. The map that comes with it is wonderful. A great historical guide to the city! This book answered questions I didn't even know I had, and the writing is beautiful throughout.”