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Classics in Social and Economic History series, no.9.

About this book

The leading modern study of the varied social and political roles of the major Gladstonian politician.

 John Morley, 1st Viscount Morley of Blackburn OM PC (1838-1923) was Chief Secretary for Ireland in 1886 and 1892-95, Secretary of State for India 1905-1910 and again in 1911.

He was Lord President of the Council 1910-14. He had previously been a leading commentator as editor of the Fortnightly Review and the Pall Mall Gazette, and became the biographer of Gladstone.

He opposed imperialism and the Boer War. His opposition to British entry into the First World War as an ally of Russia led him to leave government in August 1914.

 About the author

The author was latterly Professor of History at the Victoria University of Wellington (where he also served as Dean of Arts and as Assistant Vice-Chancellor). He previously taught at the University of Lancaster.


"... well written: clear, succinct, straightforward account[s], unencumbered with academic jargon." 
"...poised and self-assured, scholarly and erudite..."
​- Mary Peter Mack, American Historical Review.

Available January 2019

John Morley: Liberal Intellectual in Politics

​D. A. Hamer


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