About this book 
Thus unusual, well-illustrated book asks and answers many questions about a favourite  topic – the weather.
The mysteries behind ‘the elements shaping our lives’ are revealed by Sara Thornton and John Hammond as they lift the lid on the beautiful, yet fiendishly complicated science of weather.
Sweeping away the meteorological jargon, they reveal how and why the weather still impacts so many different aspects of our 21st Century lifestyles.
Annoyingly, yet wonderfully, the atmosphere can still bring our modern world to a complete standstill. That's why industry, the military and even No.10 Downing Street rely so heavily on up-to-the minute weather updates! There’s a lot more to the business of weather than meets the eye, as this Streetwise guide reveals.
The weather - every raindrop, every flake of snow, every cloud – is unique and constantly changing. It keeps us all guessing: from day-to-day and from hour-to-hour. The questions that the book addresses are relevant to every territory in the world.
The Street-wise guide shows why, despite our huge advances in forecasting, our weather apps still sometimes get this afternoon’s forecast wrong. Yet at other times, they nail down next week’s weather perfectly. How? And how can we can get sunburnt on cold, breezy days? More, why can 20c degrees feel so completely different from one day to the next and from one person to the next?
The book also explains the jargon which weather forecaster use, and how to assess this.
You will not look out of the window and wonder about the weather in the same way again.

Introduction; Britain: Crossroads in the sky; Jet Stream: Friend and foe; Secrets of sun and cloud; The truth behind your weather app; We’re all different: The human factor; Severe weather: Keeping us safe; Broadcasting the weather: Secrets from behind the green-screen; Jargon buster: Slicing through the isobars’

About the authors

JOHN HAMMOND is a familiar face on national television, broadcasting the weather on both ITV and BBC News, as well as on programmes such as Horizon, Countryfile and The One Show. He worked for nearly 30 years for the The Met Office. 
From early childhood, John always wanted to be a weatherman - no doubt inspired by his rural upbringing in The Cotswolds, where farming life is so influenced by the daily changes in the elements. As a young boy, he would obsessively watch TV forecasts, which drove him to write to weatherman Bert Foord at the age of 4, explaining his passion and asking for ‘tips’.
SARA THORNTON has been a popular tv weather presenter for more than 15 years at ITV, the BBC and the Met Office ( where she launched its video forecast app), and a senior producer at BBC Weather. She grew up in Pennsylvania. Living next-door to the local tv weatherman, Sara became fascinated by the weather. In an area where four full seasons brought heat, hail and lake-effect snow, she learned to prepare for the elements and live life outdoors no matter what the weather. After University in Britain, she immediately joined the BBC, then ITV, as a news presenter and reporter but quickly trained in meteorology and moved into weather presenting.
Sara and John established their company weathertrending in 2017, and work with weather-affected brands to produce bespoke digital weather content.



Available  2020

The Streetwise Guide to Weather-Watching:

The Elements Shaping our Lives

John Hammond and Sara Thornton

Edward Everett Root Publishers Co. Ltd.

ISBN 9781912224968  Paperback  £14.99   Order
ISBN 9781912224975  Hardback   £40.00  
ISBN 9781912224982  eBook        £11.99  
c.200 pp. 211 x 148mm. 
40 b&w  illustrations.